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Monday, August 23, 2010

breakfast time

Good Monday morning friends. I hope that your week starts off on a good note.
Remember, breakfast is the most important meal of the day and Noah knows this. Just yesterday for breakfast he had a scrambled egg with melted cheddar cheese, a handful of strawberries and grapes, half a piece of 14 grain toast and a sippy cup of milk. I just love it when my lil man eats nutritiously.
So how about you? What starts your day off on the right foot? Also lately I've been making lots of smoothies for breakfast. I've been slowly building up to more healthy smoothies by adding ground flax seed...but I've also been eyeing this...what do you think? Good? Bad?


  1. What a good eater he is. And good feeder you are!
    My breakfasts are often yogurt, granola and berries. About twice a week I have eggs. And the kids do that or cereal. They don't love breakfast.
    And that green stuff, mmm...I think you're getting lots of good things without adding powder, but I think my crazy nutrition teacher from college always is in my head saying, "Eat the real thing!"
    Happy Monday to you!

  2. That breakfast sounds amazing! Any chance you can fit an extra chair around the table? ;-)
    We are a big homemade granola family, but I've been thinking of expanding our repertoire to something a bit more filling especially for our voracious-eater-of-a-1-year old!

  3. home made bran muffins..... with bananas, or chocolate chips, or raisins... or all three combined.... mmmmm my favourite! I'm going to make some tonight!
    p.s. LOVE Noah's hair!

  4. We've been eating lots of scrambled eggs with melted cheese too!

  5. Eggs, eggs, eggs our favorite here.
    Have you tried adding spinach to your smoothie yet?
    Good stuff, I'm tellin' ya!
    Gorgeous lighting!


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