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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

pretend birthdays are fun!

Over the weekend we held a pretend first birthday for Noah because we will be all the way up in Whitehorse on the actual day. It was a nice way for family and friends to get to participate in the celebration of Noah's first year and it was a great excuse to see everyone.
I'm not sure if this is a specific family tradition or if it is a real true Filipino tradition, but I've been told that first birthdays are really important in the Philippines, so as you can probably imagine Winslow's family outdid themselves with the preparation of the was amazing! Noodles and dumplings and stuffed fish and roasted pork...handmade springrolls and bbq was more than anyone could imagine. Winslow's lovely mother and aunt were up all night before making the food....bless them!
As for me I made a few things too. The cake for one. It turned out great and I used this recipe, although I cut some of the sugar that is called for. I also made more surprise balls, although I forgot to take photos of the final porduct. Oh and the bunting flags. I started them the week before and then finished them the day before the party.
It was so lovely to see all our friends and family (although we missed my sister Bear) and we were especially thankful that our friends Eugenia, Irvine and little Theo drove all the way from Montreal to be with us. As you can see in that second picture, Noah very much enjoyed having his little buddy Theo as a guest at his party.
Oh how we feel so blessed to have such wonderful people in ours and Noah's life. Thank you to all of our family on both sides and all the honourary "aunties" for celebrating with us and making Noah's first pretend birthday a smashing hit!


  1. Well, he certainly looked like he enjoyed this "faux" birthday. So wonderful that the families come together to celebrate this gorgeous little chap. What a spread of food!

  2. What a wonderful party! With loving family, friends, good food and lots of fun. Noah will enjoy looking at these photos. in the years to come. The cake looks yummy. You did a great job

    PS. Good to see Noah is learning about Australian animals :)

  3. so, so great! happy unbirthday to you!

  4. That cake is adorable!!! What a great party! xo

  5. It looks and sounds like a fabulous time! I LOVE the cake! Too cute!

  6. you have so many great ideas. you already have my wheels spinning for Lily's birthday and it's not until November!

  7. A very happy birthday party to Noah! How sweet to have all those family members there.


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