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Saturday, October 10, 2009

babies, besties, and visits

My dear dear friend Eugenia and her precious babe Theo came all the way from Montreal to visit us this past week and let me tell you, it was one fun filled week of reconnecting.
Eugenia and I met 9 years ago in Halifax when we were two fresh faced girls from Montreal and Ottawa just starting off our art school careers. We met in the lounge at NSCAD when Eugenia was looking for someone to become her room mate. We became best friends very quickly and would spend all our time together. Eugenia is one amazing woman. She is an amazing friend, a fantastic new mama and an extremely talented clothes designer. I feel so very lucky to have her in my life. Oh and a little side note Eugenia is the lovely lady who made my wedding dress!
So this is how our visit went.....
We spent our mornings leisurely drinking cinnamon coffee and eat pumpkin spice muffins while the babes did their "babe things" like eating, squeaking, squealing, playing, crying, burping ect. Our afternoons consisted of walks by the waterfront and on Locke St and a very yummy lunch at this adorable diner called the Harbour Diner (if you are from Hamilton, you MUST visit this place! I am already excited to go back!). Our evenings were spent making dinner, sipping tea, and of course more time spent with the babes. It was very exciting to have a chunk of uninterrupted time together and to get to spend time with my adorable precious God son Theo.
Here are a few pics from our visit. I miss them both so much already.

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