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Sunday, July 18, 2010

our last day

Friday was our last day in the house. It was a busy day with movers and cleaners coming and going, and of course many errands to run.
It started off with a coffee date with my neighbours, continued on as the boxes were loaded onto to the truck that is Whitehorse bound, and ended with empty house that echoed when we were talking.
It was definitely mixed emotions for me to leave our little house. We were only there for one year but in that year so many things happened and more importantly so many memories were made there.
While I know that we are about to embark on one very exciting adventure and I am very much looking forward to it, I just can't help but feel sad about leaving the Hammer....the little city "that could".
When we first arrived in Hamilton nearly 3 years ago, I think it's pretty safe to say that I wasn't very impressed. It's no secret to those that know me, that it took me a very long time to make friends and for the first 2 months of living in Hamilton we drove back to Ottawa nearly every weekend (that's a 6 hour drive!).
But slowly and surely, life went on. Good times and sad times were had and we grew up a lot in those 3 years. We went from being young newly weds who were setting up our first apartment together, to young parents who were setting up our first baby's nursery. So much happened in those 3 short years and I will never forget all those changes that took place during that time.
As well, I can't ever forget the people that really made Hamilton home for us. I really truly think that my perspective on living there changed once I started to make friends. It wasn't easy by any means, but by getting out there and doing new things, like aqua fit for pregnant women, I started to make some wonderful friends. Friends who ended up being a life line for me as I entered into mommyhood. I'm going to miss you guys more than anything.
And so here are some pictures from our last day in our house. The ones of me were taken by me, something I don't do too often. But at this point our phone, cable and internet had been cut off and Noah was sleeping on me because our bed was packed away. I was stuck in one place for at least an hour and was taking pictures just to pass the time...that's when I turned the camera on myself.
I realize that I never let you know what my friend Laura and I ended up doing last week.....the big adventure was a day trip to Buffalo to go shopping. We had a lot of fun with each other and the babes. The pictures sadly won't be up for a while, as my cord was boxed up and is on it's way to Whitehorse.
That's it for now....
We are in Ottawa for a week to see family and friends. Be in touch soon with more details of our adventures.
Thank you for all the love and support dear friends.


  1. I really hope that Whitehorse feels like home as soon as possible! <3 So excited -- the day is nearly here!

  2. Hard to say goodbye the house you brought your first born home to isn't it!

    Safe travels to you all and we looking forward to meeting you this fall.

  3. You will make your new house feel like I HOME I just know it!! Sending you a hug!! XO

  4. Moving is both exciting and sad at the same time. I hope you love your new home.

  5. Such a hard time but fun as well. Before you know it you'll be settled in and taking photos of all the cool new places you'll see! Good luck! :)

  6. Oh good luck! It's always hard to make new friends :( and keep in touch with the old.

  7. Those are some great photos to capture such a momentous day. And those self portraits (and of Noah and his papa also) are fantastic! We should all do more self portraits more frequently. Good luck in your travels. :)

  8. you will look back at this time...someday...with fondness and your photos have really captured the spirit of this time. be well. travel well and enjoy the adventure.

  9. Beautiful photos. Such a story they tell. Thinking of you through all of this!


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