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Friday, July 16, 2010

au revoir

Au revoir to Hamilton. Au revoir (for now) to the dear friends that we have made here.
Au revoir to such an important chapter of our lives. You will all be missed.
Much is going on these days. With the sad news that has come to us and our own changes that are taking place, I'm going to be taking a few days off from blogging.
I hope that you are all well my dear friends. I'll see you soon.


  1. I had heard about the officer missing. My prayers to him and his family.

    I am sure all of these changes are very hard to you as a young family.

    Have a good weekend with your beautiful boy.


  2. Oh, Johanna, so sorry to hear about the missing Mountie. And their first child on the way. Mmm. Thinking of you.

  3. Take care, safe travels and move. I'm so glad to have met you and look forward to keeping in touch with you. I wish your new adventures were starting off on a happier note.

  4. Enjoy the next few weeks of vacation and best of luck with your new adventures. Even though we only met a short while ago, I know we'll be friends for life :)

    I hope Cst. Potvin is found. Miracles do happen! We'll keep praying. xoxo

  5. sending love and best wishes to you


  6. jo.. good luck with your big transition. so sorry to hear of the disappointment in your lives. wishing you lots of peace with all the change going on. and thank you so much for the sweet note. really, words from kind souls like you make all the difference. i appreciate your kindness. i was so worried about posting about my experience and am now feeling like maybe it wasn't such a bad thing to share my feelings. you're a sweetheart, thank you for the ongoing comments over the months.
    xo. marta

  7. So very sorry to hear about your friend's husband Johanna. I will keep them in my heart and you as well!


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