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Monday, July 19, 2010

i heart taking photos

There is nothing that I enjoy more than to take photos for people. To me, it is a real honour to be asked to capture someone's family and loved ones.
Last week I was able to fit in one last photoshoot here in Hamilton with my dear friend Kelly and her absolute sweetheart of a little girl. We had a blast meeting up bright and early on a Sunday morning down by the beach.
Here is a sampling of some of my's hard to choose just a few.
Stay tuned for my photography website that will be up by the end of summer. In the mean time please visit my photography blog for updates and if you like please join me over at Facebook.


  1. Your photos are amazing!!! Maybe one of our trips to town could include hiring you to take some family pictures of us!

  2. These are lovely pictures, and I can totally heart starts beating fast when I have taken amazing pictures and am on my way home to load them up! I don't know how photographers managed to wait so long for their film to develope in the past.

    I hope your move is going smoothly. Can't wait to see what your new place is like, and to hear how it is in your new neighbourhood.

    xoxo dawn

  3. Just beautiful -- your photos have a real calming nature to them. Thank you for sharing.


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