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Monday, July 19, 2010

the last drive

One thing that I will not miss from our time living in Hamilton is the long drive to and from Ottawa. It's a drive that lasts anywhere from 6-8 hrs (depending on Noah's mood) and it involves one very long stretch on 4 oh 1 hwy...YUCK! This is absolutely the one thing that I will not ever miss.
I look forward to the wide open roads of the Yukon, where all I will see is mountains and trees and wilderness, oh yes!
But because it was our last time, and I was bored on the drive, I decided to get out the camera and take a few shots. And yes that is an avocado plant that I am hiding behind. Yup, our little avocado plant was making the trip too and it sat at my feet the entire trip. There is no way I'd leave that plant behind, I started that from a pit that I got out of an avocado that I was having for lunch one day. True story. That's not bad though. Once I sat in a car for 2 hrs with my Japanese fighting fish in a bowl on my lap. Poor thing. He actually lived for like 4 years I think. That's a true story too.


  1. Ha, there's a lot of dedication going on in this post <3

    (And now I really want to grow an avocado plant.. tree... you know...)

  2. I can't wait to hear all about your new home. I'm sure it will be a beautiful adventure!

  3. Hopefully the transition is going well for you. That sweet boy of yours is absolutely gorgeous!


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