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Friday, June 18, 2010

a pretend Father's day

( I love Noah's expression while he stuffs his face in this one)

Yesterday my sweetie pie of a husband had the day off and came home to be with us. I knew that this might be the last time we see him for another two weeks and so I planned a little bit of a family day for us, a little bit of a pretend Father's Day celebration.
We started off with a little gift and card for Wins. The gift was something semi handmade, something that recognizes his first year of fatherhood. I'll be sure to show it in an upcoming post. And then because of being tired from being on my own for the last few days I opted on doing a takeout picnic lunch for us, which worked just fine, and we went to one of our favourite parks in Dundas.
We had so much fun eating lunch in the park, letting Noah eat watermelon in nothing but his diaper, taking Noah into the wading pool, hanging out and just being together. It was perfect.
We then went home, I made cookies for him to take back to his hotel, hung out, played, Wins took a short "Father's Day" nap and then we had his favourite dinner (bqqed ribs, Greek salad and fancy rice).
It may not have been the most elaborate day in terms of events, but it was perfect for us...a little opportunity to spend quality time together and to have fun as a family. And the best part was that Winslow kept telling me over and over again that he really enjoyed his day and that he had such a good time. And that to me was everything that I wanted to hear.


  1. Im glad you three had this little ray of sunshine! These are necessary wen we enter coo-coo-ville on our own. I'm so glad you all had a sweet, special father's day!

  2. This looks like a most wonderful Father's Day celebration! I am so glad you were able to have that time together! Hang in there. I know that this is a busy and tough time for you all. I love that you have approached all that this happening with such enthusiasm.

  3. Noah is getting so big!! His face while eating watermelon is too cute. I also have Lily eat watermelon only in her diaper because it's a runny mess. But she loves it.


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