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Thursday, June 17, 2010

in search of inspiration

As you may have read in my previous post, yesterday was a bit of a stresser for me. Put one very energetic lil guy and one over tired mama together and you get, well, you get a not so amazing day. But luckily bedtime came early, that's what happens when naps aren't taken in the day....yes it was a "no nap" kind of day. But all this is beside the point of this post.
So as I was saying, I was feeling stressed yesterday and needed for us to get out of the house. I kept an eye on the stormy clouds outside and when it seemed to clear I busted out our stroller and decided to go on a walk in search of inspiration. I wasn't looking for the type of inspiration that one might need if they were trying to make a piece of art, but rather I was in search of beauty and things that would make me happy.
As I started to walk and pick up my pace I listened carefully to all the beautiful birds calling out. If I haven't said this before, I should mention it, our specific area in Hamilton (right along the escarpment) is actually a world biosphere for all kinds of creatures. There are so many birds here in this region....I will surely miss them when we move. I also listened to the wind blowing in the trees. Oh how these sounds were such a welcome change from all the crying that took place earlier that morning in our home.

Then as I walked I just kept my eyes open for anything that might stand out to me. These are the beautiful things that I saw....
  • a couple's initials carved into the concrete, a permanent memory of their relationship. I wonder if they are still together.
  • some gorgeous plump dew dropped roses. So vibrant and lush.
  • some birds on a wire....just like the name of my blog :o)
  • my planters that I filled back in May....they are looking full and cheerful.
  • and the most amazing find....a cherry tree on someone's front lawn with ripe cherries, which I helped myself to. I have never seen a cherry tree. Again it's the region, it's known as Ontario's fruitland.
And so my little ploy to find happiness worked. I find that more often than not, taking a walk helps me get out of a bad mood or helps me clear my mind. It must be something about the fresh air and the change of environment.
I'm hoping that today will be a better one on my end and that your day goes fabulously for you.
Happy trails dear friends.


  1. Getting outside and seeing things other than the 4 walls of the downstairs living room ususally help me to feel better too. I was in an awful mood yesterday, and forgot that I had promised to take the babies to the library. I didn't want to go. I wanted my husband to say that he'd take them, and let me sit at home and pout like a big baby. But I angrily forced myself into the van with the rest of the bunch, and we went. And the library was PACKED, there was an event going on. Thats the last thing I wanted to deal with. But I took the kids rast past all the chaos, and parked it in the back by the childrens books, and read them stories until my mouth was dry. And somehow, even though I hadn't wanted to go in the first place, and I was totally stressed out (anxiety bad) from all of the unfamiliar faces- I felt better when we left. Almost like it erased my bad mood completely.

  2. Oh, sorry you had a bummer day yesterday. Sickness and tiredness are never fun.
    Great pics! Always love your wires.

  3. Beautiful shots. You always seem to be able to turn the tough times around! Oh those cherries!


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