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Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I'm asking for patience. Today has been a very long day and it is not even close to dinnertime. I still have to feed my picky eater, bathe my messy boy, get him settled feels like it's never going to end.
With Winslow away I'm pretty much maxed out. I can only take so much crying and whining...I am looking for some magical reserve of patience buried deep down in my soul because right now....right now I am at the end of my rope.
I'm going to be honest. It's lonely being by myself with the little one. It's also exhausting, as I am the only one that can get things done. To sum up the events over the last three days I will narrow it down to a few words....poop, poop on me, poop on Noah... cooking, cooking meals that are refused, cooking meals that get thrown on the floor, meals that get thrown at me...crying, crying because "we" are tired, crying because "we" don't know what we want, crying because "we" are poopy.....sigh. I'm tired.
Don't get me wrong, there have been lots of fun events in amongst the not so fun events and the visits with friends have been a lifesaver for me...but right now...I just need to vent.
How are you doing on your end? I've read a few other blog posts similar to mine lately. Is there something going on with the stars?
I'm going to leave with a photo of my big boy playing at the library. He now stands up at the Thomas train table, hoping that he can join in with the older kids. Oh my big boy!


  1. Sounds like my evening Johanna! Supper to bedtime can be sooo long, especially when Daddy's not home to pitch in, and even just to have him there as some adult company.

  2. Cooking food that ends up thrown on the floor. I know that one all too well. Every day. Every, single, day. Or, with my oldest, its cooking food that ends up causing her to go to her room, and goes cold on the dining room table.

    Hang in there Mama. Tomorrow will be better. And if its not, then the next day will be. And if THAT day isn't- well the day after that HAS to be.

  3. Ahh sending you a sweet hug!! If you cook for me I promise I will eat your meal ... and I can always come and cook for you. XO

  4. Big virtual hug!!!
    Alexis is doing the same with food. Last few days have been the worst. Every piece of food ends up on the floor. Tonight I found a trick (although it probably won't work tomorrow!) - we clap every time a piece of food gets into her mouth, then she started to put more in, cause she and us would get to clap!

  5. You know I'm with you! Your post reminded me of something I would always say to my third child, Hawthorn. He was, and still is, pretty difficult. I'd say to him, I know it must be really hard to be little right now, but it is really really hard to be a mommy too.


  6. THIS is my life lately. THIS is why my blog NEVER gets updated.

    hang in there mama.

  7. johanna, i hate to give unsolicited advice but here goes. stop worrying about the picky eater not eating. i had one son, now close to six feet and a dad of two little guys, who ate nothing but grilled cheese sandwiches and fish sticks, yes the commercial ones, for years. noah will eat, eventually, it is pretty hard for a kid to starve himself!! keep up the good work!

  8. All mother's have days like this. Cheer up! Your a wonderful mother but only human. There will be days like today :) Good luck.

  9. Oh, I have days like that too, and it is especially hard when my husband is gone too - we had to do it once for 9 days and it just about drove me crazy!!! And we have days where my girls' meals consist of ketchup and the little seeds inside of green beans (not the beans themselves, just the seeds!!). I've stop trying to get them to eat - they have to sit at the table, but if they don't want to eat, that's fine...but that's easier said than done at Noah's age!!! Too bad we couldn't bottle up the really good days and give ourselves a bit of 'goodness' on the bad days!!!!

  10. I just know how you feel. That's all I can say.


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