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Thursday, June 10, 2010

birthday babies

Even though Noah's birthday wont be for another 2 months my Hamilton mommy friends and I decided to throw one big party for all of our lil ones that will be turning one this summer. It was such a fun afternoon. We stuffed ourselves with watermelon, carrot cake and pizza, we let the babies crawl around and play, exchanged gifts and then we took them to the wadding pool for some fun in the water. Noah received a vintage inspired Fisher Price farm from his little buddy Sarah....thanks Sarah (and Jen). It was such a fun afternoon.
And because we will be all by ourselves for Noah's actual birthday (August 19th) we have decided to throw one more "pretend" birthday for the lil monkey. Hey you only turn one once, or in this case 3 times I guess! So stay tuned for Noah's other birthday parties. Geeze, you think he may be a tad spoiled?

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  1. Aw such cuties! And Noah is absolutely adorable. Happy early birthday to him!


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