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Friday, June 11, 2010

a summer wish for you...

may your summer be full of...fresh juicy fruit...long afternoon naps...bare feet in the green grass... days spent at the pool...fields of wild flowers...sunshine...road trips...bbqs...sidewalk chalk drinks...big floppy sun hats...adventure!
what is your summer wish? what do you look forward to most about the summertime?
happy weekend friends!


  1. Time with friends...and not being on a rigid schedule. Of course it goes without saying...beach days!!

  2. I try to spend as much of my summer out in the bush as possible! Quadding, fishing, hunting and camping. There is nothing like smelling of campfire smoke all summer long.

  3. This year I'm looking forward to HOPEFULLY going on a little trip!
    We want to rent a cottage, or something and get "outta town" for a bit -- would be so wonderful!

  4. This makes me so excited about summer. We had strawberries last night and today I may need to get some watermelon. Thanks for the wonderful post.

  5. Day trips, picnics and berry picking. Oh and of course care free days with family. Enjoy your day! XO

  6. The food! The farmer's markets, my organic CSA share and peaches. How could I not say peaches! Right now they are tiny, the size of ping pong balls, but I love that I can see them from the car window as I drive past the orchards.


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