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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

and then we went to Toronto

Ms. Hadley on her 1st birthday

Yes, yes indeed we are crazy. After arriving home to Hamilton at 1 am on Sunday morning, we then got up early, went out for breakfast and coffee (no food in the house) and then went to Toronto for our friend Hadley's 1st birthday. It was a really nice afternoon of mingling at the party and then a walk through China Town and Kensington Market.
I was very excited to pick up some new soup bowls (the big ones that really fill up with a lot of soup), those large soup spoons and some chopsticks. Oh and we also had bubble tea, of course.
Here's a few pics.


  1. You're such a traveling trooper!! Love it.

  2. I just found out about bubble tea- and that I can get it a block from my house. I'm scared to try it 'cause my friend LOVES them and it's way too easy for me to get there!


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