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Monday, June 7, 2010

somewhere between here and there

Oh boy we are in it. I mean in the thick of it.
Crazy chaos, flying by the seat of our pants, and going with the flow seem to be our family mottos for the summer. From Ottawa, to Montreal, to Hamilton, to Whitehorse, and back again, I'm really actually surprised that we are still standing. Surprisingly, Noah is doing pretty well with all the changes, it may actually be me who is more disgruntled by all this transition...but as I said we are still standing and until Aug 1st, when we are finally settled in Whitehorse for good, I think if you come across me, you will find one part happy, one part frazzled, one part tired, and one part excited mama.
I hope I don't come across as though I am complaining too much. Don't get me wrong, traveling is fun and I am loving the fact that we have been able to visit so many beautiful parts of the country over the last few weeks. In fact, I really think that traveling adds just the right amount of spice to life. It shakes things up and forces one out of their comfort zone for a bit, but right now, at this very moment I am glad to be home, where ever home is...I'm not quite sure of that anymore either.Traveling is fun, yes, but microwave dinners, living in one hotel room with 3 people, long flights, and a baby with no schedule is not.
I guess if I had to sum up what I am feeling right now, the best way to describe it would be that I am somewhere between here and there. My mind and heart are being pulled in so many directions, I just sort of feel as though I am floating around. The truth is is that, I'm feeling sad about leaving our friends and home here in Hamilton. I also feel guilty for that fact that we are moving even further away from our family and friends in Ottawa. I'm missing my mom and the summer vacation that won't be happening in P.E.I. And then my mind is also on what our new life will be like in Whitehorse.
I hope you'll continue on with me as we make this big move to Whitehorse. I think there may be a few tears coming, but I trust that you understand. I'm so thankful for all the very kind and supportive comments that you have been leaving over the past while. Thanks so very much, it really means so much to me.

ps. Just a few pics from the past few days. Noah has discovered pizza. There is no turning back.


  1. Good to know you are back safely. What a beautiful little's amazing to see that look of "Wow! this is good. Why havn't they given this to me before!"

  2. I completely understand the feelings of guilt in regards to moving far from your family - there's the excitement of the new place, but still the pull from 'home'. I still get that pull from back home, but it's not so strong anymore...however, the excitement of moving to a new place is still as strong as ever! I wish you luck on your move!

  3. How are you even finding the time to write?? You are so busy!!

    Love that picture of his lunch face, hee hee.

  4. Hang in there!
    Looking forward to Thursday to hear all about your adventures lately.

    Do you remember that song from mother goose....from Hamilton to Whitehorse is 15 miles, from whitehorse to hamilton is 15 miles...etc You should be singing that now :)

  5. hey jo
    i've struggled with that idea of 'home' so much before.. and it's sad and exciting all at the same time. I've wanted to do an art piece on the whole thing i've had it in the works since at least 2006!
    I am really excited for your move, and even though things feel like they're probably just on auto pilot it's so awesome you take the time out to jot this stuff down and take pictures. if i didn't keep my blog while traveling i would have forgotten about 80% of it!
    enjoy the ride :) looking forward to reading it


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