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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

the tuesday diptych project week 19

Johanna (left): Home again for a short time. Peonies from the garden. They only last for a few days. Life feels transient and I must remember to stop and enjoy the now.

Desiree (right): Sometimes I catch these glimpses of Gretchen and see the little girl she's becoming. I can almost picture her as a 2-year-old, or a 5-year-old, or a 19-year-old. This morning the boy and I had a weird realization that someday she will be old enough to leave our nest.
It's amazing to think that our time at home with our children is such a tiny snapshot of their life, yet it's more important than any other time because of what we can help them learn. I want to make the very most of it. For now, for always.

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  1. I love Peonies and they do only last a few days ... I like what you said .. that you have to stop and enjoy them now. xo


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