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Friday, May 28, 2010

mail's here! buttercup style!

A while back I organized a little mail swap here at birds on a wire and after setting people up with a partner and exchanging addresses and such, the parcels are starting to arrive!
Just this week I received mine from the wonderful Caren at Buttercupped and was so surprised to find that she had included so many beautiful gifts inside her package.
Caren wrote me a lovely note explaining that she used to have a shop that carried unique, one of a kind, earth friendly gifts and that the gifts that she was giving me came from her stock.
Lately, Caren runs a fantastic Etsy shop called the Vintage Apartment that caries one of a kind vintage objects that she scouts out. You'll have to take a look for yourself at her gorgeous finds!
So without further adieu I shall share the details of my beautiful gift with you.
From top moving around clockwise she gave me a beautiful handmade apron made from vintage pillowcases (she and her friend made them), a funky fold-up re-usable shopping bag, an Ecojot note pad, a fun little hand drawn/sewn picture of her sweet pup Grace, a rainbow of felted bracelets, an orange flower card that she wrote a note to me on and last but not least a pair of juicy citrusy coloured earring hoops! What an amazing surprise to receive such gorgeous gifts! Thank you so much Caren!
Isn't receiving mail so much fun? Let me know if you ever plan on organizing a mail swap- I'd love to participate.


  1. That is so awesome! What great little gifts she sent. I participated in a spring swap once and it was really fun.

  2. Yay Caren ^_^ My oh so beautiful next door neighbour. Once upon a time, when I was el preggo with baby G, I worked at that shop!

    Small world, and such ;)

  3. I'm so happy it all got safe n sound to you & that you love all the little bits of colour I sent. :) joy!!
    I'm so happy I participated in the mail swap. I will definitely host one, possibly as soon as June!
    p.s. I love how small the world is. :)


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