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Thursday, May 27, 2010

happy 9 months lil man

Time, where did you go? How can it be that Noah is 9 months old? Well actually he's 9 months old and a few days. I used to get his monthly blog post up on the day of his monthly anniversary, but now I have to push myself to get it done in the same month that we are celebrating. You see many of Noah's new milestones are ones that require extra supervision. Gone are the days that I used to be able to lay him down on his play mat and return to find him in the same spot that I left him. This kid is mobile and curious and fast and Noah you are really growing up before my eyes.

So here's a little Noah update:
  • he has learned how to pull him self to stand...this is what he wants to do 90% of his awake time
  • he is eating all kinds of real food and is very adventurous with the foods that he tries. shawarma, paella, rice soup (filipino)...he loves it all.
  • but his favourite food of all is bananas. He goes bananas for bananas :o)
  • he crawls on his hands and knees while pushing off with his left leg.
  • he loves other kids. loves to watch them, play with them and he tries to talk to them.
  • he loves the park and enjoys the swings and slide.
  • everything these days goes into his mouth. grass, paper, electric cords that we haven't jumped to before he has....must do a better baby proofing job.
  • he loves to make us laugh by making funny grunting noises and sighs. then he looks at us for a reaction.
  • he still wakes about 2-3 times a night.
  • he is still nursing but he has definitely cut down on the feedings.
Oh Noah, you makes us so happy and proud. I just love spending my time with you and watching you take in the world around you. I think that you are going to be a social person like me. You really love to interact with others around you. You truly are my sweet little angel.
xox mama


  1. just yesterday i was writing a piece about my babies sleeping through the night, not. enjoy him, such a sweet boy.

  2. Happy 9 months! It feels like just yesterday I met him for the first time. Wow how time flies!


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