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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

here, there, everywhere!

When the sun comes out I just can't stay inside and yesterday was no exception. What a gorgeous day it was!
Yesterday I met up with some of my mama friends, the babies ate their lunches on a blanket in the park, we walked along the Lake Ontario path, had delicious icecream (mine was white chocoalte raspberry and St. Jacobs apple pie!) and enjoyed the beautiful weather.
Lately life feels like it's been zooming by so quickly and sometimes finding the time to sit and collect my thoughts gets overlooked. My days have been packed with walks to the park, making batches of baby food, taking photos for friends, editing photos, hanging with the hubby, meeting up with friends, taking trips to the library for baby time and basically just getting out of the house as much as we can.
Yesterday we found out that our health clearance went through for our transfer up North and this means that we are one step closer to getting some news as to when we will be moving. This news didn't come as a surprise and of course I am really excited for this big adventure but I'd be lying if I didn't say that I will be sad to leave our life here in Hamilton. Over the past almost three years here we have seen so many changes, made so many friends and have grown as a family (in more ways than just in numbers). I guess the news of our health clearance going through just reiterates that I need to enjoy every minute of everyday while we are still here in Hamilton.
So while I will still be blogging away just as I do most days... I may, just may be a little more absent than usual. You understand right?


  1. Sure, I understand. Will miss you!

  2. What beautiful photos.of you and Noah. You look so happy and healthy! Your friends and little ones look great too. Johanna, you are amazing posting to your blog so regularly especially as you are a busy Mum. There is so much going on in your life. Make the most of every day. I'm sure we can wait a bit longer between posts.
    PS I'll be starting a blog soon.

  3. So nice to gather with mama friends. And even better to share the day full of sunshine and ice cream. Love that dandelion pic!



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