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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

the tuesday diptych project week 14

Desiree (left): Next to my home there trails which lead away from the pavement to take you through the less cultivated parts of our beautiful park. They take you to the riverbanks, and to a tiny island with a large rock -- perfect for sitting, for thinking, for watching. There are two tiny bridges, perfect for dangling you feet into the water. There are forested areas and if you look closely enough you'll see the teeth marks responsible for all of the fallen trees. It may be cliché to point it out, but sometimes we need to remember to look closer, to stop, to settle down & to pay attention. There's just so much in life that we miss if we fail to open our eyes, clear our minds & listen to our hearts.

Johanna (right): This photo was taken last week when I was on one of my walks that I take down by the beach on Lake Ontario. As I walked along the shoreline I stumbled across many little collections of rocks, stones, drift wood and other things that were all intertwined together as though someone had placed them like that, as though they were little art works. I was completely impressed by each one's intricate design and even more impressed that these beautiful little collections were the work of chance and were created by the force of natural elements like the water and wind. I don't think there is anywhere I'd rather be than the beach. It never grows old or tired for me. Ever changing, there is a new sight to see and something new to touch each time I visit.

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