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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

the tuesday diptych project week 13

Desiree (right): I am so happy to have conquered this sickness. The sun & warm winds have helped to heal me and I'm so grateful for the quickly approaching summer season. Our yard is in full bloom, with pinks and red, yellows and purples. Days have been spent outside, windows have been opened and everything is feeling bright & airy. I want to breath it all in.
Johanna (left): This photo was inspired by a favourite blogger of mine Nadia from La Porte Rouge. I was instantly drawn to her whimsical photo and wanted to do an interpretation of it. I also love photos like these, the ones where you take a photo directly looking down at your feet, because to me they say a lot about where you as the photographer are at that very moment. It documents and provides a record of a special place and time, sort of like telling a little story.
And so this photo was taken today in my backyard as I waited for my baby to wake up from his nap. Right now I am loving our little backyard, our little front yard and our little house so much. I am trying to remember to enjoy my time in this house because of the very possible move that we will be making in the not so far away future. I wanted to take a photo of myself and this little piece of land that is ours- our home, because someday it will no longer be ours and all I will have are these memories and photos to look back on.

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  1. This week your two photos harmonize really well with each other because of the beutiful green in them and I love the colour green anyway! And by the way, I shot my feet very often aswell...


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