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Monday, April 26, 2010

robots are cool!

Woah! I need to sit and catch my breath for a sec. Life has been so very busy these past few weeks. From having Winslow go away for 2 weeks of training, to having my mom come and visit, to making little day trips all over the province, to doctors appointments, visits with friends, to making baby food all the time, to having a little one who is definitely on the move....all I can say is wow, life has become very busy lately. I feel like I just don't have enough time in the day to get everything that I want to get done. The story of a mom I guess!
On my ever growing list of things to do was to show you ( dear readers) these adorable pants that my dear friend Desiree made for Noah. Aren't they just the cutest little play pants that you have ever seen? Look at the print.....ROBOTS!!!! This is Noah's first ever robot article of clothing (Desiree's Gretchen has a collection of robot things), so thank you very very much Des for these adorable little pants.
So now I must get back to that to do list......tidy the kitchen, write a few letters, send them off to the post office, go for a walk, send off a mother's day gift, do some photography work.....
How's you to-do list coming along?
xox happy Monday!
ps. I'm sorry if I haven't been visiting all my favourite blogs lately. I promise to stop by soon and leave you a little "hello".


  1. Things always seem to get busy and then continue on in an upward spiral of motherhood. For me at least. And it sounds like for you too? I hope you find your balance soon Mama :)

    And those robot pants are TOO cute.

  2. Robots ARE cool! You can never have too many play pants.

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  4. Oh yay! They look so smart on him ^_^

  5. I love it when people say that something looks smart! so cute!


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