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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

my date with Noah

On Monday Noah and I went on a little date, just the two of us, just because I wanted some good uninterrupted quality time with my little boy (yes I just called him a little boy). We went down to the waterfront, took a walk, went to the park, went on the swings and slide and then stopped by one of my favourite cafes for a chai latte and a rice teething cracker (you can guess which was for who). Beautiful weather, beautiful scenery, magnolia blossoms, sunshine and the best company in the entire world-my sweet little guy.


  1. Cutie cutes!

    And that drink looks FANtastic ^_^

  2. your son is so stink'n cute.

  3. What an awesome date with the handsome little man. Noah is turning out to be such a fine little boy.

  4. How fun a date with your little boy! I cherish these moments with my girls too! Great that you are documenting these sweet little moments. B.T.W those magnolia blossoms are amazing!


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