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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

down by Locke Street

Locke Street is one of my favourite streets here in Hamilton. With great little independent shops, cafes and restaurants, it's a bustling little core in a great community. I often wander up and down Locke Street with a coffee in hand and do some window shopping. Sometimes I have to stop into this store and pick up something small for Noah. Just off to the side of Locke are many little alley ways full of interesting old buildings. Just yesterday as I went for one of my walks I looked down one of those mentioned alley ways and saw this beautiful old run down building. With Noah fast asleep in his stroller I snapped a few pics.


  1. And what beautiful pictures they are! Whenever I see an old building, I imagine myself stopping the car and taking pictures. I've never actually done it though.

  2. There's something eerie but beautiful about it :)

  3. Awesome pics, Johanna. And I love that you put u's in word like favorite. So cultured!:)

  4. BEautiful pictures, they would look fantastic in B&W!

  5. I love those photographs! I love the things you notice. :)
    I've missed you. Glad to be back!

  6. Thanks friends!!!!
    Country Girl- I've missed you too!!!!!! so much!!! love today's post.
    Sarah Jane-.....that's the Canadian (British) way of spelling things....favourite, honoured, colour.....we like to add u's....although my spell check tells me I'm wrong every time I spell something that way.


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