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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

the tuesday diptych project week 5

Desiree (left): Since becoming a mother, my heart has grown & my coffee cups have shrunk. I used to enjoy my tea & coffee from HUGE mugs, necessitating two hands and gallons of liquid. During my first few months as a new mama I tried to enjoy my teas in the same way, only to realize that I hadn't finished a WARM drink in weeks. My daughter is 13-month-old now and I've learned that the best way to enjoy a hot beverage is in a much smaller vessel, and so, with my new Pyrex addiction in full swing, I managed to hunt down these two beauties at a local thrift shop last week. They've become my new go-to mugs & they are reminiscent of diners and my childhood and of all things simplistic and wonderful. I hope you too can find joy in little sips from small cups.

Johanna (right): I am feeling alive and full of joy as signs of spring are appearing all around. Warmer days are gracing us and the sun is sneaking in a few more hours each day. This week I saw a beautiful little bird's nest tucked away in a tall bush and I was so excited to snap a picture of it. Isn't it sweet? So dear and so perfect. A little vessel waiting to hold something so precious and fragile.


  1. I love those mugs. Pyrex is my new obsession too. Love it.

  2. Lovely images. Johanna, I am very excited about the prospect of spring too!!! Love the little nest and your description of it.

  3. Casey -- oh yay! I love finding new Pyrex lovers ;) Have you been swooning over at ?? So good!!


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