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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

today I am...

Today I am giddy with excitement and anticipation. After nearly 5 weeks of apartness, today Winslow and I will get to be with each other again.
For those that aren't up to date on what's been going on I'll fill you in. On Feb 1st Winslow left for nearly 5 weeks to do Olympic policing duties and I moved Noah and myself to Ottawa (our home town) so that I could have some help and company while Winslow as away.
At first I was apprehensive about leaving the home, life and routine that we have in Hamilton, but I was also looking forward to catching up with all my family and friends. Overall, this visit home has been really nice. I've had the chance to have long much needed visits with friends and have really enjoyed spending time with my family but it has been hard at times too. Mostly I've been tired and lonely and really I've just missed having Winslow there. There by my side at dinner time, there by my side at Noah's bath time, there by my side at bed time.
What I've learned from this time apart is that in Winslow I have a very amazing partner by my side. It's not that I didn't know this before he left it's just that his absence really drove the notion home that I have one amazing guy and that I'd be lost without him. In fact I have been lost with out him, I've really really missed him and so that's why today I am just like a giddy teenager in love all over again with butterflies in my stomach.
So in closing I will leave with this question.
Isn't love grand?


  1. Absence does make the heart grow also helps us to realize how much we appreciate our partner. So happy that hubby will be there by your side again.

  2. Thanks gals. I know you both can relate as we are all "red coat" spouses.

  3. I can just picture you pacing at the airport waiting for him, humming like a bird on crack, waiting to jump on him!

  4. Yay for reuniting with your husband... YAY, YAY, YAY for you!! XO

  5. Oh my gosh--am blushing over here because I remember that I wrote "Winston" instead of "Winslow" on my last comment. {cringe}.

    Sorry dear, but am happy for your family reunion!

  6. Ah yes! It IS so grand!

    (And to Amanda -- I often almost write Winston, cause that's my dog's name, haha!)

  7. I'm sure he's dying to see you too! He must have missed seeing you and Noah everyday. Love is grand.

  8. Oh Amanda- NO WORRIES.... EVERYONE mistakes his name and calls him Winston. It happens all the time! xox

  9. that is so sweet;). and what cuties noah & winslow are. you are an adorable family- so glad you're back home together:).



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