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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

on my mind

On my mind...

This past week Noah started to sit up on his own. He also drags him self across the floor now when he sees something that he wants. Also we went swimming twice while being in Ottawa (sadly they wouldn't let us take photos in the pool area), he sure does love the water! He is growing so very fast and changing so quickly. Each day with him goes by in a blink and I treasure each moment with him. Love love love...I'm telling you....I've never felt it like this before.

I am at this moment waiting for Winslow to come home. For some reason I am nervous and emotional. I want him back so bad but fear that so many changes have happened in the last 5 weeks that we will somehow be different now. This is obviously crazy, yet I still feel it.

I have been enjoying lots of good food while in Ottawa. Sushi, Louis Pizza, Bridgehead coffee, chocolate croissants, it goes on and's probably time for me to go on a cleanse of some sort.

Speaking of cleanses, I'm feeling the need for a major balance overhaul in my life at this moment. Things like the fact that we have boxes in our basement that have never been unpacked since our move back in July or the fact that I need to get back into taking care of my health (the natural way) are really bothering me. So to make myself feel better I will start this so called cleanse when I get back to Hamilton. First on the list? I need to put a bunch of our stuff up for sale on kijiji and I also need to make an appointment to see my Naturopath. Just putting these things in writing makes me feel better.

Also I am feeling the need to better organize my time on a daily basis. Do you have a routine that you follow everyday? I find that it is easy to get off track when I am staying at home. I want to carve out spots during the day to do things like cleaning, cooking and also make time for art.
Do you have any tips that may help me in this department?

Now that I've finished writing this list I realize that I have a lot on my mind. I'd love to hear if you have any advice on organizing your day to day, especially when it involves taking care of a little one.


  1. OH wow! Don't they seem SO much older when they are sitting?!

  2. As for routine... my morning's almost always go the same -- wake up around 7 or 8, get some writing done for one of the sites I work for, get the babe breakfast (or Ryan does this if he's home), coffee, play with the babe, nurse the babe (usually while watching tv for a bit), then G usually naps around 10am :)
    Nothing terribly exciting, but it works :D

  3. i can't wait for warmer weather. i look forward to swimming with the babe!

    as for routine.. psssssh. i wish!

  4. It's important to find balance and take care of yourself... as moms we give so much and don't take care of ourselves like we should! Now that your hubby is back this will be easier for you I am sure.

  5. I love Abby so much more when we're swimming. Is that weird? I bet you know what I mean though! Also, Whitehorse has some great naturopaths and a total hippie healthy green and natural community, myself included! :)

  6. Thanks gals, I think I will be on a quest forever to find balance. Some days I have it ,some days I don't.
    Thanks Sarah! ;o) I feel so much better about moving up North knowing that you'll be there (as well as some others)

  7. I've started a house cleanse. I suppose with Spring around the corner, it's motivated me to clean house. Boy does it feels great!

    I find having a schedule really helps me to feel I've actually accomplished things. Simple things like having a weekly meal plan help too. With the kids, having certain times of the day designated to specific activities such as play, quiet-time, nap, crafts, baking etc really helps the day go smoothly (most days) for all of us.


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