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Sunday, March 28, 2010

rain rain go away

It's raining and cold outside but inside we are all warm and cozy. This morning we went to a new church and it was so busy that we had to stand at the back (it's Palm Sunday today). It was a lovely service with the waving of palms and the reminder of the solemness that there should be before Easter. Then we came home, had lunch (veggie filled pitas for us and avocado for Noah) and had lemon squares for dessert- yum! I took over a few of the lemon squares that I made to my neighbours because they sure aren't safe around me!
Just a regular ol' Sunday in our house. Lot's lounging, playing, eating and relaxin'.
How has your weekend shaped up to be?


  1. Love the photos! Sounds like a lovely Sunday! We had a long walk this morning. Tuna-filled pitas for us for lunch. My son hasn't really like eating tuna in the past but now loves it because we give our kitties the water that the tuna is packed in as a treat and he wants to be able to give them a treat. It's so lovely when we can see their hearts shining through!

  2. Gosh, look how big he looks! Hello, grownup little dude!

  3. awe so cute. I especially adore the last one.

  4. Oh, my, he is absolutely adorable! Wonderful shots.


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