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Friday, March 26, 2010


Look who I found hanging outside of our front door today? He/She was so sweet and wasn't the least bit scared.
Tonight we are just hanging out, sippin' peppermint tea and relaxing. This weekend is going to be a slow easy one. We don't have much on the go and that's just fine by me. Maybe I'll do some baking...something lemony would be nice, hopefully we'll get in a few walks, and perhaps I'll hit up a coffee shop with Noni tomorrow (dada has to work).
Lately I've been feeling the need to slow down and spend more time at home. I've been enjoying making good meals and have found refuge and comfort in our sweet home that I love.
I hope your weekend is a slow relaxing one. Enjoy each moment.


  1. Oh gosh, that's a much nicer sight than we had yesterday -- a poor bird flew into our window. I thought I was going to have to put him out of his misery, however, slowly but surely, he stood up and eventually flew away, unscathed. Thank goodness! I was so afraid for a broken wing/leg! Definitely a trooper.

  2. DEs- poor birdy, glad he/she was able to get up!
    Dawn- :o)

  3. Now that spring is in the air ,it seems like the birds have so much more to talk about..have you noticed.

  4. I think your front door is very pretty.


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