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Sunday, March 28, 2010

earth hour

Bad pictures? I blame it on the dark. And not having a tripod set up. But sometimes I like the blurry hard to make out photos, sometimes I find them interesting.
So Earth Hour at our house was pretty uneventful. It was quiet, peaceful and restful- not exciting but nice. We had our little lanterns lit and a nice family cuddle.
Last year Winslow and I went to a cafe (Bridgehead in Ottawa) with my sister and mom and listened to a duet sing and play the guitar. It was so nice. That's when I was pregnant and was still able to go out at night and do fun things like that.
I always say this but it hasn't happened, one of these years I want to have an Earth Hour party. Something small and intimate with lots of good food, maybe some acoustic guitar and lot's of candles. Sigh, someday. Someday we'll get back to our parties and socializing and things like that. But for now it's family time and that's just fine for me. I do enjoy a nice family cuddle.
How about you? Did you celebrate Earth Hour?


  1. We celebrated Earth Hour too! We turned off everything in the house and then went for a big walk to get hot chocolate from timmy's haha. They even had their lights out!

  2. Not bad pictures. I really love the last two.


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