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Saturday, March 20, 2010

jojo's reading list

My stack of current reads.

Books for the family. Some on meal planning, one by Soule Mama and one on sewing for baby (which will come in handy once I get my sewing machine).

Artist books....a guilty pleasure of mine.

A great guide. My sister gave me this one. Thanks Bear!

Something I started but haven't finished. I actually liked this one and want to pick it up again, especially since we are moving up North. It takes place in Yellowknife.

The holy book for artists. This was a recommended buy when I went to NSCAD and I'm so glad that I own it. It has so much information on artist supplies, techniques, styles. It's my old favourite.

A few posts back I showed a photo with some books on my book shelf and a few people left some comments saying that they were interested in my book selection. So I thought it might be nice to do a post showing what I am currently reading. This is more of an accurate depiction of what sparks my interest these days.
I have to be honest though, I really haven't read much since Noah has been born. I just don't have the attention span to sit and focus on one particular story. It really is a shame. Call it "mama brain" or "baby brain" but at any given time my mind seems to be focused on a million tasks....getting dinner going, getting Noah's dinner going, folding laundry, keeping up to date with family and when I do have a moment to myself I often just go online and read up on my favourite blogs (which is reading, isn't it?) or I just veg out with my guys. In other words, I do something that doesn't require to much of my brain. Hopefully this changes as I start to gain more sleep and get Noah onto a set routine.
None the less, when I do have the time to read and the desire to do so, these are the books and the types of books that I go to.
I'm curious to know what types of books do you read? Any current favs?


  1. Hurray for Ann Douglas! She's local & I had the pleasure of meeting her for coffee a few months ago. Love her books!

  2. I enjoy my novels except I have to read textbooks for most of the year. Your stack looks pretty good!

  3. I've read The Creative Family three times. Love it. Really want that last book Artists Manual. Gotta add that to my list. I really like fantasy lately. Started with Harry Potter...went to came The Hunger Games and now I'm reading The Mortal Instruments. But some of my "go backs" are Louise Hay You Can Heal Your Life, The Creative Family (hence why I read it so much) and anything that gets me out of a rut because I get myself in them so easily.

    Oh and I always read to go to bed. Even if it's just five minutes. It's nice to escape a bit and it always helps me wind down.

  4. PS - I read a LOT and a lot of that is blogs :) This is why I don't ever get anything done :)

  5. I'm reading The Master Butcher's Singing Club right now and am really liking it. Also, Food Rules by Michael Pollen was great. And I am so loving the cookbooks by Ellie Krieger. I think you would like her lunches.
    Thanks for sharing your books!

  6. Ouuuu- thanks for the recommendations. I especially love cook books and food blogs! I just love food in general- yum~!


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