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Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Winterlude is an annual winter festival that takes place in the month of February in Ottawa. For three weeks in the dead of winter Ottawa and it's residents come alive with winter spirit! All kinds of activities take place such as ice carving competitions, a playground made of snow (picture HUGE slides made of ice and snow), skating on the Rideau Canal (the world's largest skating rink!), sleigh rides, fireworks, outdoor concerts and of course yummy treats must be had too! The official treat of Winterlude is a Beavertail- a deep fried piece of whole wheat dough that is topped with your choice of toppings. My favourite is the Killaloe Sunrise- lemon, cinnamon and sugar-yum!
Last weekend my SIL Leslie, Noah and I hit up the festivities and of course I had to bring along my camera and I made sure to take lots of pictures. I'm happy with the shots that I got. I really wanted to share a bit of my home town with you. Hope you enjoy!


  1. It's lovely seeing these pictures as the lifestyle you lead there is so different from sunny Florida! It looks like a winter wonderland!

  2. Thanks Vanessa! I love that we bloggers can connect from all over the world and share a bit of ourselves and our surroundings with one another.
    Ottawa is very special to me (it's my home town and where much of my family lives) but we don't live here anymore due to my husband's job.
    Its very nice to come home for visits.

  3. my whole day was just cancelled, woo hoo, i was wondering what to do and now i am heading downtown to take pictures.

  4. I want a Beavertail!!!! Never had one, but it sounds delicious.
    You live in such a great place.
    My friend and I were discussing Canada today. I really want to visit someday...especially for the nature.

  5. beavertail sounds so yummy...I am from alberta but i don't think we had beavertail snacks!

  6. Sigh, you know I've never had a beavertail... the boy and I are definitely talking about going to WInterlude next year though ^_^

  7. I've never been but i've always wanted to go! I think the boys would really enjoy it too.
    They're just learning to skate, we have a tiny rink in our back yard.

    It's funny, wherever you go everyone calls them something different. Beavertails, elephant ears, funnel cakes...They aren't all exactly the same, but pretty close!
    Or the native version, banic bread..mmmmm!

  8. This looks like so much fun. It makes me miss winter seeing as I live in San Diego and we completely skip winter here. Its supposed to be 79 degrees Fahrenheit today.

  9. Oh that is SO wonderful! I wish I could be there!


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