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Thursday, February 18, 2010

pretty leaf garland

Happy things for this week:
  • a spontaneous coffee date with my bestfriend Amy
  • a lovely visit and lunch with my cousin Julia
  • a baby who is in a really good mood
  • a baby who put himself to sleep in his crib!
  • a pretty hand knit leaf garland that I saw in a tree
  • day dreams of spring
  • making collages in my sketchbook
  • babytime at the library with Margaret and then a coffee date afterwards
  • yummy homemade meals (spinach squares and split pea soup)

What are you happy about this week? What are you loving?
p.s. I have a giveaway coming up in honour of my one year blogging anniversary and will post about it this Friday!


  1. recipe for spinach squares? still waiting for the beet/carrot salad recipe!!

  2. Love that tree garland -- how neat!

  3. Bear- I posted the beet recipe in the comments to that specific post ;o)
    The spinach squares? I'll do that today or tomorrow.

  4. too .... need the recipe for spinach squares...sounds great !

    let me know if you try the lemon bars..i had one for breakfast with my tea.... :-)

    good to see you today, my friend

    sending love,

  5. Your list is lovely! The spinach squares sounds interesting! Do post the recipe! Great job on reaching one year of blogging!

  6. I've posted the spinach square recipe!

  7. ♥ kicking, punching, healthy baby in belly
    ♥ boys sitting side by side on a HUGE sectional couch (Rylan and Oaklend)
    ♥ yummy Belgium dark chocolate
    ♥ also day dreams of spring!!
    ♥ a little boy telling his mommy he "lubs you"...
    ♥ friends blogs that brighten my day!


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