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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

lunch box adventures

Yesterday's lunch:

  • apple and brie sandwich with cilantro
  • coffee


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  2. mmmm... I can attest that apple/brie sandwich is delish!

    Actually, I was just at the wild oat on Thursday and it was EXACTLY what I needed. All day I was waiting anxiously to hear whether my god child had been born and whether mama and bebe were okay. But as I sat there, coldplay playing softly on the speakers, the quiet murmur of other patrons, I felt myself slowing down and breathing. sometimes I wish I lived in the glebe just so I could go back more often :)

  3. you've said four magic words: apple, brie, cilantro, coffee. i think i will have to try this:)


  4. hehehe...Yes is quite delish. But I need to clarify- I did not make it myself. It comes from The Wild Oat cafe and bakery in Ottawa.

  5. Sounds like a delicious combination!


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