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Friday, February 12, 2010

a lovey dovey weekend

Happy Valentine's weekend my lovelies! In my opinion Valentine's is not about fancy gifts, dinners or romantic dates- no! I say bust out the brownie mix, bring on the romantic comedies, have a girl's only party, paint your toe nails pink!
This weekend's agenda is to show Noah what Valentine's is all about- LOVE, spend time with my girlfriends and hopefully have a skype date with my hubby.
Our plans?
A girl's only brunch on Saturday....yum! Have Noah hand out his Valentine cards. Take Noah to see the ice sculptures at Winterlude. Make a run to Blockbuster to rent some girly romcom movies. Do take out on Sunday....sushi maybe?
Here are a few pics of things that we've been up to. Yesterday we made Valentine cards for Noah to hand out. We were inspired by the Valentines that Marta made last year with her lil Benji. Also a sketch I did in my sketchbook with some of the left over paint on my fingers...lovely fingerprint ladybugs!
Happy weekend dear friends. I hope that yours is filled with love.
ps. If you want to read the sweetest love story, read this.


  1. Oh yay -- did you see that I included those valentine's feeties over on my latest momspark post??
    great minds think alike ;) as always!
    I should totally do this with baby g too!

  2. yes do them too- they are super cute! xox

  3. Enjoy your girls valentines celebration my new blogging friend! I love the valentines feet! Such a cute idea. BTW if I had had a boy I would have named him Noah!

  4. hello lovely johanna,

    your weekend sounds absolutely perfect!! i can't think of anything better. now, what is your hubby doing with the olympics? I know you said he's going there, but i don't know why....
    your son is so incredibly sweet & cute-to-boot:). and i love the valentines you made. i'll watch some rom-coms this weekend and we can compare notes. of course, 'Valentine's Day' comes out this weekend, which looks cute as ever:).


  5. Thanks Vanessa - I'm glad that you like the name Noah too! Happy Vday to you!
    and Blair my hubby is a police officer so he will be there for a month (before and after). I'm glad that you'll be watching some rom-coms...I totally want to see 'Valentine's Day' too.

  6. You've got right into the original Valentine's Day spirit of writing letters and cards, and how beautiful they are!! And lucky too that Winslow appreciates such things!

  7. oh my goodness! what CUTE crafting ideas! i just might have to use those next year! THANKS, mama! And, nice to meet you and your little Noah! Beautiful blog you have here. xoxo


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