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Saturday, February 13, 2010

my funny valentine

This is who I will be spending my day with. He had my heart the very first time I saw his flicker on the ultrasound screen.
Mama loves you Noah! xox


  1. what a sweetie...

    you have an adorable baby..and your such a great mom....

    sending warm valentine wishes to you, my friend


  2. What more could a woman ask for?! Yummy baby...

  3. I know just what you mean. I was gone at a listen to that first heartbeat. Here it is nearly Valentine's Day and I had to stop by and wish you a great one. A wish from me:

    On this day, may you know, really know how much you are loved. May you recognize love in all it's forms. May you be grateful for the love of children and pets, old friendships and your love. May your heart swell with all the beauty this life brings. Happy Valentine's Day, my friend.

  4. thank you dear friends! What lovely Valentine wishes! thank you xoxo

  5. Your babe is adorable! I can only hope we cross paths somewhere along the way. For now, I will stalk your blog and exclaim {every other line} "I love that too!!!"

  6. He is just adorable. Makes me excited for the baby I'm growing right now. I can only hope he or she is half as cute as your Noah.


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