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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Happy 5 months sweet boy

How can this be? How can he already be 5 months? Today my sweet little boy turns 5 months and I'm celebrating by writing this little post to him.
It's no secret that Noah has taken and run off with my heart, that boy had it from day one I tell you but what gets me is that each day my love for him seems to grow more and more. I was trying to explain this to Winslow the other day. It's not as though I loved him any less yesterday, but with each day my love just seems to grow for him...does that make any sense?
Right now Noah is fast asleep on my lap. I dare not move him or he'll wake up on "the wrong side of the bed" if you catch my drift. You see, Noah has had the sniffles and teething pain this week, so he's been extra clingy with me. All I want is for him to feel better, I hate seeing him in pain and discomfort. And so if he wants, I will allow him to sleep on me for as long as he wants. Someday I will miss that.
As I usually do on his month by month celebration, I do a little recap of what is new and exciting in Noah's we go...

  • He can now 100% roll over and over again. This sometimes results in him rolling off his mat and onto the hardwood floor. I think we need a bigger mat.
  • He is in the process of teething and unfortunately he does not like it. He's been having a hard time with it for almost a month now.
  • He is getting better and better with being left with his Dada. They now have a little boys club and sometimes Mama wishes she could be a part of it.
  • He's getting better at sleeping. Still, he wakes at least twice a night for something to eat/drink.
  • He loves storytime at the library and loves Mother Goose at the Early Years Centre.
  • He loves to be my little sidekick and stay by my side all day long. He is most happy when I am carrying him around and showing him things like the mirror or the birds outside.
  • He loves to watch us do things like brush our teeth, cook food, wash the dishes...very observant he is!
And that's Noah's life right at the moment. As his Lolo and Lola would say "Noah is guapo guapo!"


  1. I love these photos... Hip Hip to 5 months!!! xo


    Noah is indeed very very cute - too cute!

    Thank you for your wonderful, beautiful comments on different entries in my blog - I really, really appreciated them; they made me feel warm and fuzzy inside!

    I hope you and Noah and Winslow have a super day today,

    with love till next time,

    Agatha x

  3. What an adorable little boy..Happy 5 Months, Noah...

    he sure has a great mom and dad....

    all your special memories with him....and Winslow too...

    precious moments you'll treasure forever...

    Have a wonderful celebration



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