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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

nature and treasure table

When I was in art school I once did a whole drawing assignment on things that I found lying on the ground. When I would go for a walk I would keep my eyes open for little treasures, things like metal scraps, coins, buttons, ect. I was mostly looking for man made stuff- a comment on how much stuff there was littering our streets yet I also found beauty in these tiny treasures....ah that was a fun assignment.
So when Country Girl suggested a new project that kinda went along with the same theme I just talked about I jumped at the idea. It was her hope that other bloggers would continue her idea of a nature-treasure table and pick up things that they found on their walks-finding beauty in nature and each person's surroundings. The whole idea behind the nature-treasure table is that it is a form of show and tell, yes just like the show and tell that we used to do in kindergarden. She pointed out that there should be some interesting finds...some different if you live in the city, some different if you live in the countryside.

So here we go, my first nature-treasure table:
  • a thistle
  • some tiny pinecones on a branch
  • a stick
  • a piece of bamboo
  • a large pinecone
  • a large leaf
  • some seed pods
  • a red ribbon with a bell attached
  • a rusty old paperclip
I hope you enjoy these little treasures that I found. Maybe you'll join in and show us what you found on your next walk?


  1. I love this!!! I will have to try it... one of my favorite things is going for a walk, and would love to make a nature treasure table. Hope all is lovely!! xo

  2. Oh..this was lovely..loved seeing what you found...isn't dawn the best? what a sweetie.I love her.

    love everything you found..especially that red ribbon with the bell...i wonder what that was for...a kitty's of a package? i wonder...yes i do...

    great post...let's hope the word spreads..

    more later, dear one


  3. yes I wondered too where that red ribbon came from. So sweet and unexpected. I love Dawn's idea too...she really has a special blog...magical if you ask me. I loved your post too...isn't it fun?

  4. Wow!!!! LOVE your treasures. What a mysterious bell on red ribbon!
    Thanks so much for sharing. I'm glad you had so much fun. Let's keep it going throughout the year!
    You are so sweet and I love getting to know you...

  5. Oh neat!! Maybe this could be the inspiration for the collaboration I think we talked about a while ago (if my mommy brain serves me right!)
    We should talk about that -- maybe we can share little bits from our "travels" each week... Hmmm.. .now you've got me thinking!

  6. this is wonderful! it's the unexpected finds that can really make my day.

  7. Love this! I have a habit of collecting when I'm out on walks; it's so much fun to see what you can discover. Your treasures are beautiful! xo


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