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Monday, January 18, 2010

A winter walk

On Saturday we took a family walk down by the waterfront. I begged and pleaded with hubby to dress warmly but he said "ohhh no, it's 3 degrees out, I'll be fine." Well knowing full well that it would be cold down by the water I wore my winter coat, hat, mitts and bundled up Noah to the nines. Needless to say hubby was not thrilled with the windy conditions...but we did have a lovely walk.

Here's a few pics...

some funny things we saw were:
  • swans walking on the ice
  • fishermen ice fishing (in Hamilton waters? yuck!)
some pretty things we saw were:
  • pinecones
  • moss

Hope you had a lovely weekend


  1. Great photos! I love winter. We are enjoying lots of rain today, which is good because we really need it here in Northern California.

  2. Thanks girls, as you can see the pics are kinda dark...that's the way it is here these days

  3. Thank you, Johanna, for following my blog! x

    I love yours too - the first thing that caught my eye was your title image: how beautiful!

    It sounds like you had a lovely walk (and I just love your wellington boots!)

    With love,

    Agatha x

  4. Just beautiful photographs..i really enjoyed my walk with you all....

    and I LOVE the clogs...too cute

    more later, friend


  5. Such beautiful, moody pictures! Glad I found your blog!

  6. you live so close to my sister, she is in niagara on the lake!! you enjoy much warmer weather than we do here in ottawa.

  7. margieandkath- we are originally from Ottawa- we miss it there very much!


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