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Sunday, December 27, 2009

what Christmas days are made of

  • going to church on Christmas Eve.
  • watching It's a Wonderful Life at midnight on Christmas Eve.
  • my babe actually tearing open a gift. he lasted through 3 gifts and then needed a nap from all the excitement.
  • having a delicious breakfast of eggs benny with smoked salmon! oh and coffee of course (this time with a sneak of Baileys for some taste ;o)
  • Noah's grandparents being kids once again when Noah is around.
  • looking through all our gifts, trying out new gadgets, trying on new things.
  • visiting my sister for a quick moment because she was sick and had to stay away from all of us :o( I hope you are feeling better Bear!
  • going to my sister Katie's house for an amazing dinner. Turkey, lamb, roast beef, ham, mashed potatoes, turnip, green beans, carrots! Yes they do it all and it was delicious!
  • hearing my niece sing a song that goes something like this:
"roll a scarf and .....put it in the toilet. dance around baby Noah. go over here because you were told to, go over there because you were told to. up up up. down down down."

....really the best song in my opinion.

  • going for a short, chilly late night walk with the one I love while the babe stayed home with his Lolo (Grandpa), Lola (Grandma) and Tita (Aunt).

And that essentially was our Christmas, full of good times with family. It was perfect!
I hope yours was just as nice. xox


  1. You guys are the cutest little family!!

  2. hehehe thanks kristi! you have a pretty darn cute family too if i do say so myself!

  3. What a wonderful Christmas!
    We also enjoyed the Christmas morning Bailey's, haha. Definitely a tradition around here!

  4. Love the list, and little Noah is soooooo cute! Enjoy the rest of the holidays! xo


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