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Saturday, December 26, 2009


It was the most magical, special, perfect day. Noah's first Christmas! We spent the day with both sides of our families, the morning was spent with Winslow's family, the afternoon and evening with mine. Lots of cuddles, lots of beautiful gifts, visits with family, good food and good drinks. Oh and it was a VERY white Christmas!
This visit home has been so good. Laughter with the sisters, extra hands to help with Noah, time with family and friends (the best Christmas gift of all!) We are really enjoying ourselves.
We will be here until the 2nd, so our calendar is full of visits with friends and family and getting our fix of all things Ottawa!
xox happy holidays!


  1. Happy Holidays to you and that cute family of yours! Noah looks absolutely adorable in that little outfit.

    Thanks for the comment on my last post--it reminded me to step back and not take God's love for granted.

  2. Thanks Amanda! My mom bought him that cute outfit, I loved it on him.
    I hope you had an amazing Christmas! All the best to you!!!

  3. What a precious and beautiful son you have!! His eyes are just amazing. I miss little ones like this -- my boys are now 21 and 18...but there is no doubt the joy that a baby brings into our lives!!

  4. thanks Sherry! it's true such joy that a baby brings!


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