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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

turning a new leaf or something like that

As you may know one of the gifts that I asked Santa to bring me was a new Ecojot journal/sketchbook and lucky for me he listened! It's such a pretty one with simple hand drawn graphics on the front. See for yourself.
Here are a few sketches I've been doing. Maybe some inspiration for a new painting?
I just love the feeling of a new sketchbook, empty and full of possibilities. Ready to take on my ideas. But I also feel a strange pressure to make sure that I use this book properly and make more art. One of my new years goals is to make more art. Art is such an important outlet for me, it helps me to feel like I have something else on the go, something just for me. Whether it's just a simple sketch or a more time consuming water colour, it just feels good to create!
Here's to 2010, may there be more creativity and more making of nice things!

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