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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

while we've been back

Ohhh baby is it ever cold outside. Yesterday it was -20 c but it felt like -30 with the windchill. Brrrrrr. So what better way to keep warm than a good chick flick! Last night I watched Julie and Julia, a very sweet movie, just lovely. Made me crave boeuf borguignon which I have never made...hmmmm I think I will try it out tomorrow night. I also did some visiting with my sisters, nephews and niece. Very nice indeed.
Today I am off to the Nation Art Gallery with my dear friend Rox (and Noah of course)! Let me tell you, it is so nice to be back "home" and to be able to go on girly dates with my besties!
Tomorrow is New Year's Eve. This year we really don't have much planned. We were going to leave the babe with his grandparents and go out for a yummy sushi dinner but he still hasn't taken to the whole bottle that may not end up happening. He's also teething which means he's been very clingy to Mama. And you know what? That's okay. Wins and I have our whole lives to go out and do things on our own, Noah is only going to be a baby for me I don't mind if we have a quiet night in. I think it may just be a take-out evening with some sparkling wine at some point...just a little quiet New Year's Eve party. Sounds perfectly fine to me.
How about you? Any special crazy plans?
Happy New Year's to you and yours!


  1. We'll definitely just be enjoying a quiet night in by ourselves -- and that's just fine with me!

  2. Oh brr, indeed! It was 7 degrees here and I thought that was cold (winter chills and me do not mix). Julie and Julia was such a cute's definitely fun to watch with people that like to cook (and I loved how Meryl spoke).

    Happy NY to you, Johanna!

  3. Happy New Years darlings! Whether it be a fancy night out or a sweet celebration in.


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