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Friday, December 18, 2009

one week away!

Goodness, can it be true? One week until Christmas? I'm not quite sure if this is a good thing or not. For me, I really enjoy the lead up until Christmas. The baking, the making, the decorating, cooking and visiting. So to know that this pre-Christmas lead up is growing shorter by the day, well that makes me a wee bit sad.
But I'm here to spread on with the good things.
A few things on the agenda, first if you need any cheering at all, please go visit this lovely lady's blog as she is hosting a little Christmas party over at her blog. It's great! You don't even need to get out of your jammies to go to this party! And there's all kinds of treats, recipes and decorations to look at. It's quite lovely!
Second, just for fun, if you need any advice on how to deal with chocolate go here! Are you planning on dipping pretzles into chocolate? Are you going to be making chocolate bark? Seriously save yourself some time and money and read about the dos and don'ts of working with chocolate!
And finally a little update of what is going on in my parts. On Tuesday we leave for Ottawa, which is about a 7-8 hours drive (5-6 if you don't have a lil one). So we have a lot to do before our trip "home". Today I will attempt to tick some things off my list, like baking, last minute shopping, photo developing ect. But also it is important not to forget to slow down and enjoy the day.
Tomorrow Noah turns 4 months old and am I ever proud of him. A full post will be devoted to him tomorrow, a little re-cap of all the wonderful things Noah can do now.
I hope you are having a lovely day. Enjoy the little moments! Savour a yummy hot drink, read a good book, get out for a something just for you!
ps. a few pics from a sweet little miniature book that my mom gave me on Christmas traditions.

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