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Thursday, November 26, 2009

little surprises in the mail

Yesterday after a long day of running around in the rain and an appointment plus 1.5 hour wait at the pediatrician's I was pleasantly surprised to come home open my mail box and find some lovely surprises.
A few weeks back I entered my name for a giveaway at m.writes and to my surprise I won! What was the giveway? This adorable shirt from Dressing on the Side. I was really surprised to win as I'm one of those people who never wins anything. So thank you to Marta and the kind folks at Dressing on the Side.
Also in my mailbox was the Christmas issue of Country Living, yay! So I quickly made myself a cup of hot chocolate, tried on my shirt and flipped through the magazine while Noah was still asleep in his car seat.
Hope you are having a lovely week. Is it just me or are the days just flying by? Happy Thanksgiving to mes American amis.

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  1. Sounds like a perfect mommy playdate (and well deserved) I remember sitting in the front seat of my car (in our driveway) for an hour with a sleeping kid in the backseat after long crazy mornings like that, doing crafts, one time I brought out my small paper cutter and sat there scrapbooking -- my neighbors probably thought I was crazy but my girls were never the kind of kids who could be taken out of their carseats and transferred to their cribs once they were asleep!

    And YES!! you can absolutely link to and post about my paint chip notepads, I'm not the first person to invent them ; )
    xoxo thanks for reading and commenting!!!

    pink and green mama MaryLea


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