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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

handmade homemade gift ideas

So you wanna make some handmade homemade gifts to give for Christmas but have no idea of what to make? Maybe you aren't the most crafty or you don't think you can make anything? Well I'm here to share a few easy gift ideas that anyone can do. Feel free to try some of the ideas or if you have any handmade homemade gift ideas that you would like to share, add your idea or a link in the comments section. I think one of the most important things to remember is to keep your projects and ideas realistic. Don't start a million things and then leave them unfinished. Stick to one or two really good ideas and make them well.

Handmade Homemade Gift Idea #1 Photo Note Cards

You will need: a good glue, a selection of photos, blank note cards, and a good pen for signing your cards.

1. Start by looking through the photos you have taken throughout the year. Begin to look for themes, similarities, images that look nice together. I like to make groups of 4, I just find it looks nice that way. Make edits if you need to (cropping, effects) Save your pics to a usb and print them off.

2. Gather all your supplies and get started. Glue the backs of each photo to one of your blank cards. Sign your name in the bottom right hand corner with a nice pen.

3. Now for the fun part~packaging!!! Remember presentation is everything. Use ribbons, make a tag for them, use twine, yarn, manilla office tags or yard sale tags. Et voila!

A little side note. I will be making a few sets of these for friends this year but won't be using any of the photos that you see in this little tutorial. So there will be still somewhat of a surprise.


  1. Great idea! I think even me....a not very crafty person, could make these! I wonder if I could print off pictures from a photo sharing site til I get good pics of my own.

  2. you can totally make these! and yes I'm sure you could use other people's images (as long as they give permission).


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