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Friday, November 27, 2009

today was...

Today was a day for staying in, having long naps (at least for Noah), making roasts for dinner, getting ready for Nana's visit and decorating for Christmas.
Last year when we were still living in our apartment I fell in love with a set of Christmas dishes from the Bay. At the time it didn't make any sense to go and buy them as we had no extra room in our apartment, but my dear sweet hubby who really "gets" me knew that I would be very sad if I didn't have them and so we bought them to use for another year. Well guess what? We can use those dishes now that we are in our new home and I am just so excited to have them out.
Christmas dishes may seem a bit weird to some but my mom and grandmother both have a set for themselves and I just love the idea of trading in my everyday dishes for something festive and cheerful.
So here is a shot of my afternoon snack. Licorice tea and an english muffin with butter and raspberry jam. Sweet, sticky and delicious!

I hope you have a delicious weekend. What are you up to? Anything festive?

Oh and here is a great homemade handmade gift idea that you can do too! I love this blog! A mama who fosters a love for art in her children. She is giving them the gift of art, something that will have a lasting impact on them.


  1. I LOVE the Christmas dishes. Good for you for buying them! They really look perfect for a cozy meal. What a nice tradition.
    Thanks for the compliment on my blog, it's been so much fun getting into photoshop and prettying it up.
    It's always so nice to read your comments, thank you for your support and blog friendship!

  2. I have Christmas Salad Plates since we eat half our meals (breakfast, lunch, and snacks) on them!!

    Thanks so much for the link to my blog -- you're so sweet : )

    pink and green mama MaryLea

  3. Yes, Christmas dishes are just something I've always wanted, they make a meal or cup of tea just that much more special.
    Hope you both have a lovely weekend

  4. Oh wow, those dishes are fantastic!


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