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Monday, October 19, 2009

weekend snapshots

Oh how I love everything about weekends. Weekends for me are about family time! I just want to squeeze as much as I can into those 2 days and this past weekend was just perfect. Saturday morning consisted of us taking our time getting up, then going out for lunch at my new favourite Hamilton diner and a walk in the woods.
I really want to share one particular moment that stands out from this past weekend. It was sometime around 8 am and Winslow, Noah and I were cuddling in bed together. Noah was nestled in between us and kept looking from side to side at each of us, grinning, cooing and giggling. He was being just so gosh darn adorable and at that moment I looked at Winslow and just thought, this is it. This is exactly what I have always wanted out of life, a family. Winslow and I kept exchanging glances as we played with Noah and everything just felt so right and so good.
Here is a pic from our walk and a pic of Noah and I in the car after our walk.


  1. Hmmm me thinks we do have a little something in common...his job does have a coat in the red family.

  2. Please email me....let us swap stories! myvisiblevoice at homail dot com


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