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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Birds on a Wire, Living a creative life. 100th post.

The title of this post is what is written on my blog title: Birds on a Wire, Living a Creative Life. And in honour of my 100th post I want to reflect on what that means to me.
When I was a young 20 something and in art school I made a painting from a photo that I took and it was of birds on some telephone wires. This painting was one of the first paintings that I was really proud of and I ended up selling it for $200.00 (a lot of money for me back then). The Birds on a Wire painting was a turning point for me because at that time I was really finding my painting style and other people were beginning to appreciate it. It also happens that from that painting birds became very important to me in subject matter. So that is the story of why I named this blog what it is....after one of my first paintings.
Now for the second part of the blog title, Living a Creative Life. Most people know that one of my first passions is Art. I love to make Art, I love to study Art, I love to teach Art and Art will always be a part of who I am. But sometimes Art doesn't fit into my everyday life and so really I think that it is important to recognize the other types of creativity that happen in the "everyday".
Have you ever stopped dead in your tracks just mesmerized by the sight of a beautiful sky or a certain scene? Have you ever cooked something so delicious and so lovely smelling? Do you enjoy working in the garden, digging at the earth and pulling at weeds? To me these are all creative moments, something to treasure and something to take notice of.
These days I am one busy gal. Yesterday I didn't have a shower until noon and didn't get to eat lunch until 2pm because I was consoling an upset babe. Honestly, I'm lucky enough just to find a few minutes to write a post here but that's okay because I love my new role as a Mama. But just because I don't have time to sit down and paint as much as I'd like to doesn't mean that I can't take time to find some way of being creative. Lately it's been photography and believe it or not this blog is also a form of creativity for me. Sometimes its in the form baking a delicious pie or making and writing a card for a good friend. The point is, is that it's the little things that make life worth while and even the most simple day to day tasks can be creative ones.
So I'm gonna make a toast to my 100th post. Here's to Living a Creative Life in whatever way it can be done. And here's to my 100th post, may there be many more.
So tell do you live a creative life?

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  1. Hey Johanna, It's me Eric, the dude from Tim Horton's with the two Macaws, Max and Molly. Very nice blog you have here and some really good stories. I will be checking it out more in the future. I can't wait till you put up a story about Max and Molly. I Emailed a web page I made about Max to you also.


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