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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I want to...

  • wear my baby more often (*use the sling I was given)
  • get started on making my Christmas gifts. I have many ideas but they will have to remain top secret. I may not share all of my ideas but promise to share some along the way.
  • design/create this years Christmas cards
  • take more photos of the little one
  • start walking more


  1. I totally recommend a cuddlywrap for snuggling that little one super close ^_^ It also gives you two hands free!! My cuddlywrap was definitely my favourite when Gretchen was a little smaller -- though now we're big into the Ergo which is nicer once they gain a little weight -- BUT! That being said, I still toss her in the wrap from time to time :)

  2. Oh, here are two posts where I have her in the wrap, if that helps :)

  3. Thanks Desiree, I'm definitely going to check out the Ergo, I hear its all the rage!


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