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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

a little sketch

Happy Tuesday to you! I hope that you are having a lovely one. If it isn't such a great day, then maybe this little sunflower sketch will brighten your day.

Today we are:
  • going to buy our Halloween candy and chips to hand out (both Winslow and I have always wanted to hand out chips for Halloween)
  • going to look for some Halloween decorations. Noah is going to have his baby friends over on Friday for a lil' party.
  • hopefully going to see a matinee of Where the Wild Things Are. Excitement!
  • and maybe rake some leaves (notice how this is last on my list?)
Oh and big news! I am gearing up to do my first giveaway and it involves something handmade by me! *for those new to giveaways, the deal is that I will create something JUST FOR YOU, you will post a comment on my blog and I will choose one person who leaves a comment to be the winner. You will email me your info and a little gift will be sent to you!


  1. I'm commenting away for the gift giveaway..... Love the sunflowers! Rylan and I bought pumpkins today, and he just loved it! Running around yelling "punkin, punkin!" He tried to lift them up, but they were all too big... I should try and find ones he can hold. When we got home, we drew faces with chalk... he's too cute!

  2. Love the sketch and love a giveaway! Can't wait for it.

  3. You are making me discover new worlds.
    I love your sketch. Love the sunflowers. I think it is fun that you are making an outing of buying the Halloween candy...instead of a chore.

  4. OK, Anonymous is ME (Margaret). I did pretty just to figure out how to sign my name. HHHHMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmm

  5. What a beautiful sketch ^_^ Very fallish!

    And ooh, la la! A giveaway! Very exciting.

  6. Yay, I am very excited for the giveaway too!
    Erine-Rylan is just so gosh darn cute!!!! I can just picture him with his "punkins"
    Margaret-I'm glad that you are venturing into the wordls of blogs!
    Visible Voice-thanks for the comment on my sketch
    Ms.Fawn-I'm excited for the giveaway too...I was inspired by you!!!


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